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My hopes for UKIP

There is no doubt in my mind that we need a third major political party in this country - and I'm not talking about the LibDems, which I consider a spent force.  17.4million people voted in the Great Referendum to leave the almighty European Union and at the moment they have no political home.  UKIP needs to offer them just that.

It never ceases to amaze me as to why people vote Conservative or Labour.  When I'm out on the knock and I ask them, I am given excuses like: "Well, they're going to get in anyway so why should we vote for a loser?" or even worse: "My parents always vote for them."  I ask: "Do you always do as your parents did?"  "Of course not," is often the reply.

But when I ask  which of the policies of their preferred party they  most admire and which they don't agree with, the usual answer is: "Err...."

Voters must be made aware that their vote COUNTS and if enough Conservative or Labour voters vote UKIP, they'll get UKIP, and the way to do this is partly the old-fashioned way - door knocking, street stalls and leaflets - and partly the new way, which is through social media.  The party needs to work on both these areas.