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Fighting the EU


I am passionate about the European Union - that's passionately against it, not passionately for it, in case you wondered!  I consider it a money pit led by a team of eurocrats interested only in maintaining their champagne lifestyles - at our expense.  All Juncker and his cohorts want is to spend our money.

I firmly believe that the EU will collapse in the foreseeable future.  Already the far-right is growing in many countries and eventually I can see a revolution in some of the countries which don't have the British sang-froid - and I really don't want the UK to be around when that happens.

We are being pushed around by Barnier and his team and it's about time Theresa May and David Davis told them exactly what they can do with their suggestions.

We are the UK; we are quite capable of managing on our own, thanks!  We'll negotiate trade terms will countries all over the world and smile as the EU goes down, magnanimously offering to help - as long as it doesn't cost us anything.