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Working parties

Monday 13 May 2019

The council's working parties met this morning and I was elected chairman of the Business Development & Property Management working party.

These are the meetings that actually do the work.  This group looks after the profit and loss account, special expenses, the town hall, the community centre, the Tourist Information Centre and the recreation ground, with a brief to ensure that all the resources owned by the council are managed efficiently and effectively.

Councillors are acutely aware that the money we spend is not our money; it comes from the Council Tax paid by each resident, and as such every single penny must be spent wisely and accounted for.


Annual General Meeting

Friday 10 May 2019

I have been appointed a member of the general purpose & community committee and the finance & property management committee – all councillors are.  I am a reserve (substitute) for the joint HTC/BCKLWN forum. 


The working party structure was agreed and all the wps will meet on Monday.  I will ask to be put on the business development and property management working party which deals with profit & loss, expenses, town hall, community centre, TIC and recreation ground.  


I’m a member of the disciplinary which deals with misbehaving staff, and I’m particularly interested in the Safer Neighbourhoods Action Plan, but this was deferred to the next meeting.



Officially a councillor

Having now signed my Declaration of Acceptance of Office , I can officially act as a Hunstanton Town Councillor.   I shall attend the Annual General Meeting of the town council on Friday 10 May when I shall be allocated a seat on some of the council's committees. 

 I hope to serve on each of the committees during the next four years.