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My life as a Kipper

I’m a grass-roots footsoldier – one of many thousands in the country, all of whom just want a better Britain outside the EU from a party worth believing in. Like so many others, I’ve been pavement-pounding, door-knocking, stall-manning, nomination-collecting, candidate-mentoring and serving as branch secretary.

I was a local councillor for 26 years so am used to the cut-and-thrust of committee meetings – and being in a minority of one where necessary!

I am a journalist – a professional communicator – and as such I believe the party's record of communicating with its members needs a good shake-up. I am Deputy Editor of UKIPDaily and I do a round-up of the media each morning, picking out news stories that interest me and, I hope, other Kippers.

My interest and experience is in standing orders/constitution/rule book and I’d be delighted to go through these documents with a fine-tooth-comb and suggest amendments to the NEC.